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Women's Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Women's Hair Loss

       Women going through chemotherapy tell us that their hair loss can be as traumatic as the cancer itself. Women experience a loss of identity and sexuality and have a hard time accepting the loss of their hair. While dealing with something as traumatic and stressful as cancer, worrying about hair loss should not be a women's main concern.

       With the latest advancements of Natural Advantage's Natu'elle hair systems and our extensive experience, we are here to minimize the trauma and support you like never before. Natur'elle is designed to be so natural and comfortable; it allows us to recreate your look like no other product on the market. So you can focus your energies on healing and getting better and not on your "look".

       Natur'elle allows us to customize your new system to an exact fit right on your head. This is due to a micro-thin membrane base that is created like a second skin to allow the most natural look and feel. This allows you to wear your hair in any style and feel as confident as if you never lost your hair in the first place. No bulky, scratchy, hot wigs with too much hair. It has literally changed the lives of women everywhere who suffer from hair loss.

       Natur'elle also allows us to create a customized hair system for you in a timely manner, unlike any other customized human hair systems. Often cancer sufferers feel the need to cut their hair short or feel like they need to wait until they lose all their hair before transitioning into a method of hair replacement. This longer process can often be quite traumatic as the loss process can be quite overwhelming. When a cancer patient has consulted with us, we recommend a much easier step by step process with our support that make this adjustment easier on you. We suggest re-contacting us at the first signs of hair loss so the client can come in as soon as possible and let us to do a transitional makeover in our salon. This whole process is just as fast and as simple as a visit to your regular hairdresser. Our centre offers private rooms and a discrete setting along with talented hairdressers to meet your needs. Our clients say that they are so happy to have us to support them with this process and can't believe how natural and realistic Natur'elle feels.

       Most extended health coverage will cover the costs of your hair replacement. Please contact your provider to find out your percentage of coverage. We will be happy to provide you with a receipt of your entire hair replacement costs at no extra charge to you.

       And the best part is we have the resources and fellow committed women who know the experience and can share their story with you, even coming into the appointment if that will make you more comfortable. Our staff and our clients understand better than anyone possibly could about the difficulty of being a woman with hair loss and the challenges of everyday life. Let us be your ally is this journey.

       To further aid our client's through this sensitive process, we offer a women's night empowerment group. Many of our clients mentioned feeling isolated and alone with their hair loss and wondering why them. They are not alone and neither are you. We offer an informal wine and cheese get together to meet and perhaps share a story or a feeling. It's an easy social gathering with like minded individuals and a great way to gather support and confidence. Please feel free to inquire about the details of this event during your consultation.

       du Brule's wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and values the trust and confidence you have placed in us. Cancer is a very difficult and private matter and we want to make you feel and look as comfortable in your own skin as possible without the further worries of hair loss. To learn more about Natur'elle and other methods of hair restoration that may be right for you, call now for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.