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I want my hair back!

We’re always told that hair-loss is unavoidable, especially if male-pattern baldness is “in your genes”. Here at duBrules, we know otherwise. The power to turn back time IS in your hands, and with our many cutting-edge hair restoration services, one of which is Ultragraft. We can restore your head of hair back to what it looked like during your youth. No, we’re not exaggerating.

Matt Berry from X92.9fm takes his listeners through his exciting new hair makeover with Marc duBrule

Kate sits down with DuBrule Hair Center in Vancouver and shares her journey of having Alopecia.

But…what exactly is Ultragrafting? It represents the industry’s leading contemporary hair-loss
solution. Our clients are always surprised when we tell them that there’s nothing to fear or worry
about. Ultragrafting is completely non-invasive, leaving you with a full head of incredible-looking
hair after just 90 minutes.

We start by examining your unique head of hair, crafting a plan to recreate it. We guide you through
the transition, and you’ll start seeing results after about 30 minutes. It won’t feel any different to
paying a visit to your hairdresser or barber! Our handiwork stays in place, and nobody will know
that the hair infused with your own.

“It looks completely natural – and nobody will suspect a thing”

Winning your life and dignity back doesn’t need to involve an ounce of pain. Whether you’re male
or female, 24 or 54, this is your chance to regain control over your physical appearance with
cutting-edge hair restoration. No more compromise. No more pain.

There’s no better time than now, and you don’t need to delay your happiness a second longer.

Our ‘Hair Restoration’ REAL CLIENT AFTER photos…

Feel Like Yourself Again!

Join us for your free Hair Consultation with no obligations by clicking the “My Free Consultation” button. You will be happy you took the first step towards the new you. Our hair loss experts have helped lots of clients regrow, replace and restore their hair. No matter what stage of loss you’re experiencing, we’re here to help personalize a solution for you.

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