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This is what our satisfied clients have to say about there experience at duBrule Hair Innovation Centres. We love hearing their real stories and encourage them to share an honest testimonial so that new clients will feel more comfortable in their new venture. 

These are some of our lovely hair restoration and hair loss prevention clients.


‘Freedom’ is the best word I can think of to describe what Virtual Reality has given me. I don’t even think about it now. And I used to look at the pillow every morning, wondering how much I lost last night.
As a long term client, I am really impressed with the latest development of VIRTUAL REALITY! I am now confident enough to let my wife run her fingers through my hair. What an improvement! As a stage performer, this solution is a must and a life saver. Thank you so much duBrule for providing this solution. I truly feel better and I know I look better with a full head of hair.
Domenic D.
Getting my new / improved look from Du Brules has given me back my confidence and has made me feel really good about myself again. This has put the sparks back into my relationship with my husband as we have fallen in love all over again (after 16 years together). The saying is so true “if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good – you look GREAT!!!

Hello, My name is Marilyn and welcome to my magical world. I am a cancer survivor and have lived with alopecia and hair loss for 12 years. Every time I looked in the mirror I was reminded of what I had lost, and not what I still had. I could have single-handedly saved the hat industry but swimming and sleeping in a hat can be difficult. I then decided that I would leave no leaf unturned until I brought the magic of myself back. I have tried every system known to men and very few known to women! Then I found Virtual Reality and my reality changed. Virtual Reality gave me back the reality of things lost, like going to sleep with hair and waking up with hair! I believe we all have the right to take back some of what was taken from us. Some events in our life we can’t control, but this one we can fix. Thanks to Virtual Reality, I did!

Marilyn Dodds
I would like to express my great appreciation for the good service I received from you and your staff. Losing my hair was an extremely traumatic experience resulting also in the severe loss of self confidence and self image. However, your expertise in creating top quality and personalized hair replacements has helped me regain that self confidence and improved my day to day life immensely. Again, I thank you and your staff for helping me not only cosmetically but also psychologically. Sincerely…
Anne S.
I wanted to write to you to thank you for giving back to me what was once mine. You have given me the confidence and freedom to be myself again, without worrying about people sneaking glances at the top of my head.

Keeping up with the latest technology is one thing but when you come down to anything it is about people, service and flexibility. Most impressed my the commitment to get it right and keep it right. They do not abandon customers/clients and with their collective experience always enhancing the most appropriate look. Walking in and walking out is truly a positive exhilarating experience only to be confirmed by close friends and family, the more critical judges. As a client for many years, it is with confidence and pleasure that I would recommend dropping in to potentially see an ageless view of yourself.

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